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Motor business gradually improved New energy business urgently needed

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On May 30th, Jiangde Motor Co., Ltd. (00276) announced that it was in response to the development of elevator motors and the growth of the company's motor industry. On May 28th, the company and Huaxing Electric
Information Morning Post Wang Rui 202-6-2
On May 30th, Jiangde Motor Co., Ltd. (00276) announced that it was in response to the development of elevator motors and the growth of the company's motor industry. On May 28th, the company and Huaxing Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. of Xiqing District, Tianjin City Limited The company (hereinafter referred to as “HuaXing Motor”) has signed a cooperation intention agreement and intends to restructure Huaxing Electric by way of capital increase and partial acquisition of Huaxing Motor’s shares. The ratio of capital increase and acquisition of Huaxing Electric shall not be less than 80% and the amount shall not exceed 5,500. Million (own funds).
Plans to Acquire Motor Company to Deploy Traditional Main Business
It is understood that Huaxing Motor is a company specializing in the production and manufacture of special motors for elevator motors and other special motors for elevator traction machines with an annual output of 5,000 units. Huaxing Motor independently researches and develops new series of new products, and many series of products have obtained CE certification and other regional professional quality certification. The company has a wide range of product markets. The products are mainly provided by China OTIS Group (including: Tianjin OTIS, Guangzhou OTIS, Suzhou Express, etc.) and are the main suppliers of elevator motors of China Austrian Group; meanwhile, they are Germany ThyssenKrupp. , Hitachi, Dalian SIGMA, Shenyang Bolinte and other international multinational companies and well-known domestic companies provide supporting services for many elevator manufacturing companies in North China, East China, Northeast China, Southwest China and overseas. Huaxing Motor's operating revenue in 20 was 39.6722 million yuan and net profit was 6.053 million yuan.
From the perspective of product structure, elevator motors are the low-voltage special motors that Jiangte Motor has focused on. In 20, its revenue was only 6 million. The company’s goal is to achieve three or four million and become a new growth point. The company stated that after the establishment of the new company, it will formulate a five-year development plan for the new company so that the company will have a larger development and become the leading enterprise in elevator motor manufacturing nationwide. Xiangcai Securities believes that Huaxing Electric has a relatively solid market foundation and industry development experience. Therefore, if the equity acquisition is successful, it can achieve the effect of +>2.
High-voltage motors have gradually emerged
Energy conservation is the basic national policy of our country. The state has formulated the “Long-Term Special Plan for Energy Saving”. To achieve the planning goals, the National Development and Reform Commission has launched the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” national ten key energy-saving projects. The energy-saving motor system project is one of them. .
In recent years, the company has consolidated its leading position in the metallurgical motor industry and increased investment in the R&D and technological transformation of large and medium-sized special motor products such as high-voltage motors. In July 20, the company raised RMB 7.422 million in total raised capital from RMB 22/share, of which RMB 240 million was invested in technical transformation projects of variable frequency speed control high-voltage motors and high-efficiency high-voltage motors. Motors and high-efficiency high-voltage motors are energy-saving products. The average annual operating income is estimated to be 535 million yuan, and the average annual profit is 7.82 million yuan.
Through five years of development, the company plans to increase the proportion of production and sales of large and medium-sized motors to the total output of the company's motors to more than 50%, and it will become a major supplier of large and medium-sized motors in China. With the commissioning of the high-voltage motor project, it is expected that the proportion of medium-sized high-voltage motors revenue to total motor revenue in 202 will increase by 27.9% from 8.7%. Lithium New Energy Generation
In the refinancing project last year, in addition to the traditional motor business, the company also invested RMB 80,78,700 in a lithium-manganese-based cathode material construction project. The average annual operating income is expected to be RMB 6 million, and the average annual profit is RMB 9.435 million; RMB 349.0906 million will be invested in the construction project of the electric vehicle driving technology R&D center.
Focusing on lithium batteries, the company is building an integrated industrial chain from raw material supply to product production. The company now owns and controls 3 mining rights and 5 exploration rights. The main distribution within the ore is: lepidolite, yttrium, feldspar powder, kaolin, etc. The mining conditions are good, the geological reserves are large, there are many useful metals, and the comprehensive utilization value is high. In 20, mineral resources processing has been implemented, and products such as lithium mica, yttrium and feldspar have been produced.
In addition to the acquisition of resources, the company also extends its business reach to lithium carbonate production projects. On March 8, 202, the company established a lithium carbonate production project at the Binjiang Special Electromechanical Industry Base in Yuanzhou Pharmaceutical Industrial Park, Jiangxi Province. The total investment of the project is 50 million yuan. The construction period of the first phase will be May 202 and the construction period will be one year. On December 23, 20, Jiangxi Jiangte Mining Development Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, purchased 97% of Yichun Silver Lithium New Energy Co., Ltd. for RMB 3.43 million. Yichun Silver Lithium is a company specializing in the research, production and sales of lithium carbonate, lithium hydroxide, lithium chloride, barium salts, barium salts and its by-products using lithium mica. Lithium mica is currently being used as a low-cost lithium carbonate preparation project.
In addition, the company also invested 80,344,600 yuan (97.45%) to set up Jiangxi Jiangte Lithium Battery Materials Co., Ltd., engaged in the production of lithium battery cathode materials, including ternary materials and lithium manganese-based cathode materials for mass production. Lithium batteries have been widely used in portable electronic devices such as mobile phones, notebook computers, and camcorders, and will become candidate power supplies for high-power mobile electric appliances, electric vehicles, military communications, aerospace, and aviation electronics. The future is promising. As of December 3, 20, lithium-manganese-based cathode materials began mass production and achieved certain benefits. The subsidiary realized operating income of 2.7255 million yuan and net profit of 3.04. million yuan.
 The company's 20 annual report disclosed that it would strive to achieve an operating income of .07 billion yuan and a total profit of 34 million yuan in 202. UBS UBS pointed out that the company is striving to create a high-margin integrated industrial chain of "high-grade lithium mica - low-cost lithium carbonate - high-performance cathode material - motor control - special electric vehicles," they expect the company's lithium revenue in 202 With an increase of 400%, the positive electrode material production capacity will increase by 500%, and the self-sufficiency of lithium carbonate will increase the gross profit rate of cathode material by about 3%. In 202, the contribution of the lithium battery industry chain to net profit will reach approximately 50%. Founder Securities (6090, stock bar) believes that with the completion of the company's fund-raising projects, as well as the company's future increase in mineral resource reserves and accelerated development, the company will enter a period of rapid development.
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